A Best Of is an eighteen track collection taken from the first four Sniff albums. It includes the original twelve inch dance mix,the original demo versions of 'Steal My Heart' and 'The Driving Beat' and two unreleased tracks - 'Roll Them Bones and 'Bagatelle'.

 1.  Driver's Seat
 2.  What Can Daddy Do
 3.  The Thrill of It All
 4.  Looking For You
 5.  One Love
 6.  The Driving Beat
 7.  Nightlife
 8.  Snow White
 9.  Roll Them Bones
10. Poison Pen Mail
11. Hungry Eyes
12. Steal My Heart
13. Ride Blue Divide
14. Love/Action
15. Bagatelle
16. Gold
17. Rodeo Drive
18. Driver's Seat (12" long version)