We're doing alright
a little jiving on a saturday night
come what may
gonna dance the day away

Jenny was sweet
she always smile for the people she meet
on trouble and strife
she had another way of looking at life

The news is blue
it has it's own way to get to you
what can I do?
I'll never remember my time with you

So pick up your feet
got to move to the trick of the beat
there is no elite
just take your place in the driver's seat.



Walking down that home mile on friday
like a dog without a bone
pay packet hot in my pocket
why should feel so all alone
I walked away in anger
came back out of need
someone stole my thunder
and gave to me


New lines on loving
new lines on love
new lines on breaking their hearts
love don't come from above

As I fumbled in my pocket
for another cigarette
a stall for inspiration
but my matches were all wet

My heart cried out for comfort
and a little sympathy
someone came and turned out the lights
and gave to me


So who needs this agitation
avoid all that distress
no-one bets on a two time loser
this time I won't forget

The final confrontation
times to be agreed
won't take place 'cause the penny dropped
and gave to me




Carve your name on my door
you can say you've been here before
get down and learn the law - on your own
then take it back home

By your side all night long
there were times when I didn't know
if I should come and go - roll slow
or take it back home

And you can send it in a letter
you'd better let it be known
you can ride it but don't fight it
feel it but don't leave it alone
you can shake it but don't break it
it won't be long and you'll be gone
out of my mind

Dry your eyes one more time
sing a song while your tears dry
sad songs will never die so cry
then take it back home

pack your bags don't be long
I don't mind if you've come or gone
I'll just carry on on my own
then take it back home

And you can send it in a letter
you'd better let it be known
you can ride it but don't fight it
feel it but don't leave it alone
you can shake it but don't break it
it won't be long and you'll be gone
out of my mind



From that blue horizon where the wind blows
where the deal deciders run on dynamos
make play with our ambitions charge our vanities
then track us in the slipstream of a cool breeze

Well you've got to be crazy love
yes you've got to be a dream
to mean what you mean
what you mean to me

From what dreamhorse dancing did you set my soul alive
heal the wounds that promised always to survive
you made my isolation seem so self imposed
following a life of crime in second-hand clothes


Can you hold me hold me with your eyes
then kiss my memory alive like fire flies
come on take me raving down your city streets
down a dark back alley to your cool sheets




I've been cracking diamonds
wondering who you are
you want a slice of that high price life
and a brand new Rolls Royce car

I've been wasting paper
trying to crack that code
says only the good are misunderstood
are you one of those

and we say
sing till your heart is breaking
sing for that raise in pay
sing till you feel like crying
sing for another day

I've been riding sideways
trying to break that pain
say's the chance to dance with circumstance
may never come again

and we say etc..



Are you confounded by doubt feeling left out
waiting for something to turn you about
are there eyes in the night that feed and excite
would the flick of a finger incite you to riot
do the feverish trees conspire with the breeze
to seduce you to thinking that life's a desease
are you tarred by apathy feathered by vanity
stupid and useless reduced to profanity


Well meet me tonight in the platinum halls
where rock'n'roll music is shaking the walls
where magic is hung in the heat and smoke
where bodies collide, parade and promote

Come on young lovers let me take you away
rock'n'roll music gonna make a play
come on young lovers gonna move those hips
touch those bodies taste those lips

Are you caught in the sidestreets trapped in the cold
lost in the slipstream growing old
does the morning bell threaten monotony
do youi wish on stars do you long to be free
do you hope that your noticed do you think you're not
is the whole of life just a horrible plot
is the man in the trench coat following you
or is there just simply nothing to do




IWell I was walking down this cold and empty boulevard
when music started drifting to my ears
and memories of days I spent together with that girl
so hazy and confused filled my eyes with tears


And as I heard that music playing
a voice inside my mind said-
got to fight for love
when you hear that music playing
got to fight for love
and that voice inside your mind says
got to fight for love
got to pick a card and play it wid and high
got to fight for love
a king to beat a king there ain't no time
got to fight for love

From all those disenchanted lovers cries
of reason and good advice to me
why should anybody have to pay the price for leaving
a breaking up that never had to be


So I'm walking down this cold and empty boulevard
a girl skips by the corner of my eye
someone slams a car door and I turn around (to see)
and mad as escaping birds I start to fly




When ships were ships and times were good
and everyman knew his place
and the future was a treasure trove
for the whole human race
women they were women then
and the cards were there to call
but all this happened long ago
before a kid like you were born
to miss - the thrill of it all

Peking Pete was a man's man
he drank his liquor straight
with a pocket full of money and
a heart full of hate
now he'll tell you tales of the time sailed
on a schooner called 'The Storm"
smuggling guns on the China seas
before a kid like you was born
to miss - the thrill of it all

He settled down in Singapore
to let it all drift away
with a lady from the waterfront
ten dollars night or day
now you'll find him sitting as the sun goes down
shooting bottles off his wall
telling tales of the times he spent
before a kid like you was born
to miss - the thrill of it all



Don't need no calculator to see she's just in time
to be just another number on a lost production line
don't need no calculator tell me where did we go wrong
it's too late for her to turn back and she just can't carry on

Don't need no calculator to see that time is slipping by
time and fever burns away and leaves you high and dry
the wishing well is empty now and she dreams of other things
like emptiness and nothingness and loneliness and the comfort that it brings

She's been caught out in the spotlight in some wordless tragedy
she stares out to see who's looking
but there's no-one there to see
so she sits there by the mirror and she contemplates the shame
as she pops another seconol to let it slide away again - slide away



She was fighting in the dark she was fine and fierce
she'd rail against the days that she was crowded out
by people without hearts to pierce
she was the taper to a stick of dynamite
she was the trigger to a gun without a bullet to fire
to make it all alright, alright

Tell me who could be closer to me
but I couldn't feel her pain
tell me who could be closer to me
could we have this dance again

So memories are sprung of times ago
and my heart is sad with the memories to come
she'll never know
so another day goes by and I'm still here
and I'd like to go and see her but people say
she's not at home no more, no more




The tables were clean where the fine foods had been
the servants had turned all the lights off and left for the day
what could I do
the limousines gone with the wealth and the fame
of the people who lived with a view from their window
that we never knew

We all know that the time for the wealthy is through
the key to the future is held by the people like you
people like me - people like you
come on out if you're hiding in there
I'm looking for you

To follow the call to a masquerade ball
where the players would never be seen with their masks off
a place in the sun
a legacy there for the whole world to share
a splendour to pamper the eyes of the rich
paid with a gun


So look to the east from the ruins of the feast
from the builders who built in the pay of the Roi Soleil
say that you knew
that the cause of Danton was not truly won
that the hearts of the people cried out for an empire and who?