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  1. Life Is A Cold Stone
  2. Swoon
  3. The Key
  4. Prime Time
  5. Only Love To Tempt Me
  6. Parisian Girl
  7. Some People
  8. I Need You Now
  9. I Want You
  10. Home
  11. No Damage Done
  12. Little Ditty


Paul Roberts - vocals,backing vocals and guitars.
Les Davidson - guitars.
Jeremy Meek - bass,
Steve Jackson - drums,
Andy Giddings - keyboards         
(Tracks 1,4,5,7 & 9)


Robin Langridge - keyboards,
Dean Ross - keyboards,
Morris Michael - guitar & backing vocals,
Noel McCalla - backing vocals,
Leo Sayer - backing vocals (courtesy of Silverbird),
Bobby McLachlan - backing vocals,
Luigi Salvoni - drum programming (track 7)

PRODUCED - Paul Roberts




The story

At the end of 1987 with my wife Gisela and our two children I moved to Somerset from London. I made it my priority, once we had settled, to finally resolve a publishing dispute over some of my early material. The case had endured for more than ten years and was now languishing at the bottom of some solicitor's filing cabinets. As this involved the publishing rights to Driver's Seat, I really wanted this one out of the way. I won't bore you with the details but the case was finally settled in 1991. This had the effect of freeing the song for exploitation. The first thing that happened was "Pioneer" used the song in an advert for car stereos. An enterprising Dutch record company got Driver's Seat to number one in Holland, its best chart position anywhere ever. Around this time I met one Jeff Dexter through Loz Netto, Loz had contacted me with a view to doing some work together. The timing of this meant that Loz joined me for some TV work in Holland and Belgium where Driver's Seat was also doing well. Loz had built his own studio and suggested doing some demos, the difficulty with that, among other things, was Loz living the other side of England from me, anyway things didn't work out with Loz, but Jeff whose career in management dated back to the sixties took over a few managerial duties. Following it's re-release in Germany we toured with a band comprising Les Davidson, Steve Jackson, Jeremy Meek, Andy Giddings and myself, it was perhaps the most relaxed and enjoyable tour of my career. It was under publicised as we had no new record to promote, but it showed that there was still an audience and a surprisingly diverse one at that, parents showing up with their teenage kids etc.

We felt that an album had to be made, some new songs were tried on the tour and seemed to go down very well. Les organised a studio deal with Pavilion Studios in Ladbroke Grove and we had a lot of fun recording 'No Damage Done'. It was released by 'Intercord' in Germany and 'Provogue' in Holland but didn't come out anywhere else. It is the one Sniff'n'The Tears record which is not still available. Well, now it is, both as CD and download. And now, as off March 2018 a re mastered version.

Paul Roberts

les davidson - jeremy meek - paul roberts - steve jackson photo serge krouglikoff

les davidson - jeremy meek - paul roberts - steve jackson
photo serge krouglikoff