Acoustic project gigs in full swing

Thanks to the Little Rabbit Barn, we had a great night being part of an eclectic evening of music, with Danni Nicholls and Tamara Stewart on the bill too. Very hospitable hosts and a real music loving venue. They’ve written a blog about the evening.

Next up - a return to The Slaughtered Lamb in London, with support from Lettie. She’s an alt folk singer songwriter who has toured with Peter Murphy and sung with John Cooper Clarke, check out her music here:

And here’s the gig details:

Thursday 16th May, Sniff'n'the Tears Acoustic + Lettie at The Slaughtered Lamb, London
Tickets available here:
More info on the Facebook event page.

Here’s a track from the Little Rabbit Barn gig.

Sniff'n'the Tears Acoustic - a new live project

Les Davidson and Paul Roberts had been thinking for some time about getting the band together to do a few gigs. The last proper tour was in 1991 in Holland and Germany and had been great fun. This was when "Driver's Seat" got to number one in Holland after an ad campaign for a car stereo. Since then, and four albums later... nothing.

Finally Les came up with a solution. Why not go out as an acoustic duo? This would circumvent the time and expense of getting a band rehearsed and out on the road and it would test the waters. After all, will anybody still be interested?

"The Slaughtered Lamb" in London's Clerkenwell was the choice for their first performance as Sniff'n'The Tears in twenty seven years. Organised by Paul's musician daughter Caitlin, it was a great evening. We’ll be organising more gigs so watch this space.

These two are up next:

Saturday 6th April, double headliner with Danni Nicholls,
Little Rabbit Barn, Ardleigh, near Colchester, UK.
More info here:

Thursday 16th May, Sniff'n'the Tears Acoustic at The Slaughtered Lamb, London
Tickets available here:
More info on the Facebook event page.

And in the meantime, here’s a video from October’s Slaughtered Lamb gig.

R.I.P. Mick Dyche, 1951 - 2018

Sad news. Mick Dyche guitarist with Sniff'n'the Tears from 1978 to 1980 has died.

Guitarist with the band for "Fickle Heart" and "The Game's Up" from 1978 to 1980. Mick was a distinctive and thoughtful guitarist, who with Loz Netto provided the guitar interplay on those albums. He also came up with the riff that powered "Driver's Seat". Always searching for the parts that would best enhance the mood of the song the two quite different styles complimented each other to great effect.

Mick Dyche US tour.jpg

It's good to be back - Sniff'n'the Tears (Acoustic) launch gig

After a 27 year break from live performance, Paul Roberts (singer-songwriter) and Les Davidson (guitarist) played a stripped back Sniff’n’the Tears acoustic set to a packed room at the Slaughtered Lamb in London last Thursday.

We were thrilled to get such a positive reaction after the long break, so thanks to everyone who turned up and made us feel welcome. Thanks also to Caitlin Roberts (accordion) and Richard Moore (violin) from Lost Revellers who joined us for a couple of songs.

We’ve now got the taste for more, so watch this space. (Follow us on Facebook or sign up to the newsletter below for news of future gigs.)

Here’s a couple of videos and pics from the evening.

Rodeo Drive

The Refugee

Sniff 'n' the Tears (Acoustic) live performance in London

Sniff 'n' the Tears Acoustic image.jpg

We're very happy to announce a return to live performance from Sniff 'n' the Tears singer-songwriter Paul Roberts and guitarist Les Davidson, who has played with Sniff 'n' the Tears and on Paul’s solo albums since 1981. This will be a stripped back and intimate performance, and a rare opportunity to hear songs drawn from 10 albums worth of material ranging from Fickle Heart (1978) up to Random Elements, released in 2017.

WHERE: The Slaughtered Lamb, 34-35 Great Sutton St, EC1V 0DX, London
WHEN: Thursday 25th Oct at 7:30pm

If you can't make this one - sign up to our email list at the bottom of the page, or follow the band on Facebook for updates of any future gigs.

Random Elements.

Random Elements album cover 1000_mini.jpg

Random Elements is the eighth album from Sniff'n'the Tears. After an accident in 2012 and several months recovery, Paul Roberts got into a songwriting spree. This was partly due to keyboardist Robin Langridge sending inspirational sonic sketches to him. Thus started a collaborative process that led to some rather interesting song structures. In Paul's words, "some of the new songs reflect the times in terms of the dilemmas we face in the twenty first century, some are more personal but then the personal and the political can be connected." Themes that Sniff fans are all too familar with. "But" he explains with a shrug of acceptance, "humanity is what it is and this shit won't stop any time soon."

Hence Random Elements. "A conflagration of the events that throw everything into flux which in turn makes for unlikely and sometimes unwelcome outcomes." It should be added that these songs were written before either Brexit or Donald Trump. The album was recorded over four years with long time collaborator keyboard player Robin Langridge and Sniff'n'The Tears guitarist Les Davidson who both contribute to the songwriting. Joining them, old "Sniff" alumni, bass player Nick South and drummer Paul Robinson. Seven years since the last album, 'Downstream' a new chapter begins with Random Elements.

Random Elements is available from the distributor, ace records as well as amazon.

Alphaville - Karel Fialka. ft. Tilda Swinton & Paul Roberts

Old friend and sometimes collaborator Karel Fialka has just put out his new album 'Film Noir' a collection of moody existential musings on the dark side of life. I feature as a guest vocalist on two or three of the songs.

My favourite song is probably 'Alphaville and not just because I get to do a duet with esteemed actress Tilda Swinton. Alright I didn't meet her, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology you'd never know. Using Godard's dystopian metropolis as inspiration, Karel conjures up a vivid picture of a man alone with his regrets in the city. It's a great track. Tilda Swinton's spoken narration is electrifying. This and many more treats can be found on 'Film Noir' check it out via the link.

No Damage Done - rereleased

No Damage Done sleeve 2.jpg

Re release of 1991 album "No Damage Done", 25th November 2013. When dodgy copies are being sold on Amazon at inflated prices it's time to get the one unavailable Sniff'n'The Tears album back out there.

"No Damage Done" was first released in 1992 following a tour of Germany and Holland put together on the back of "Driver's Seat" going to number one in Holland helped by an advert for a Pioneer car CD player. After two Paul Roberts solo albums it was the first Sniff'n'The Tears album since Ride Blue Divide ten years earlier. With Les Davidson, Jeremy Meek, Steve Jackson and Andy Giddings who had been the touring band and Paul bringing in Robin Langridge, Dean Ross and Morris Michael who had worked on his solo albums. The album was recorded in Pavilion Studios in Ladbroke Grove London. Some of the songs had been played on the tour and had gone down really well, so the recording went quickly. Leo Sayer, who Les had worked with, very kindly helped out on backing vocals as did Noel McCalla and Morris Michael. Luigi Salvoni Sniff's original drummer played on one track. It was mixed at "The Woolhall" in Somerset.

The album came out only in Germany and Benelux at the time, so here it finally is twenty odd years later with a slightly revised running order and three with alternative vocals to the original release. The album has been remastered and repackaged. The new cover has a blue rather than brown hue which will help distinguish it from pirated copies. Catalogue number CPCD03.

Underground remastered


Paul Robinson has done the drums for ''Underground'. I never felt that the album was finished because it had programmed drums, which at the time was through necessity rather than choice. Paul has done a superb job as you'd expect, I've completely remixed it and the album is now what it should have been in the first place. Included on the new album is a bonus track "This Life". I know this might piss off some of you who bought the original and to you I apologise, call it artistic vanity but I'm thrilled. Paul Robinson toured the United States with us in 1979 and drummed on much of 'The Game's Up'. To be sure that you get the new version the retail code is CPCD02.

More about the album here.

New video for 'Driver's Seat'

 Classy and mysterious new video featuring Driver's Seat.

Marisha Ray & Stephen Sullivan in A FilmGroupH Production
Directed by Justin Chinn
Produced by Martine Keston
Cinematography by Peyton Skelton
Costume Design by Bryan Kopp
Edited by Joe Mitacek & Justin Chinn
AC: Jason Zakrzewski
Gaffer: Keith Hascher & Dan Colmeneres
Hair & Make-up by Amanda King
Fabulous Production Assistance by Madison Lee
Shot on the Panasonic AF100, Canon C300, and the Canon 5D mk II

Canyons - When I See You Again

A couple of Australians calling themselves Canyons got in touch with a request for me to supply a top line melody, some lyrics and vocal to an idea they had for a song. They seemed like nice guys and I liked the vaguely surreal lyric that they had and the general approach they were attempting. So through the wonders of the Internet I ended up singing and co writing When I See You Again for Canyons. Here you go.