Paul Roberts & Robin Langridge

Hoping to do better
the young man he left home
to search for somewhere he could
achieve the right to roam
looking out for angels
to guide him to the place
where he could see who he could be
and be proud to show his face

and oh so alone
he gazed down at his phone
and said take me home

The night time is the right time
the sights the sounds the smells
people moving to a beat
where all excitement dwells
the young man walks the city
looking for a bed
from every hostel turned away
no where to lay his head


He walks down to the river
to escape the winter’s chill
he meets a friendly stranger
with too much time to kill
who shows him to an archway
where all the people sleep
then says that everybody there
has a tale to make you weep



Paul Roberts & Robin Langridge

Like Zen -
be good to me again
do you remember when
we packed our bags and then
Like Zen -
we watched the stars collide
happiness our guide
all strategy denied

If we could be what we should be
as we were back then
you would see the best in me again

Like Zen -
it seems we need to know
the time to let it go
and watch the river flow
Those times -
we skipped between the lines
when everything just rhymes
let’s not forget those times

As roads we travelled now recede
darkness will descend
old friends scattered out of reach
and then

Home -
where all the seeds are sown
where everything is shown
where we are not alone
We sleep -
and wake to no surprise
the reason’s in your eyes
there’s things you can’t disguise



Paul Roberts & Robin Langridge

Didn’t stop to wonder what the right thing is to do
just tried my best to stumble on and find my own way through
the things that make you happy can also make you sad
the things you take for granted can sometimes turn out bad

Sometimes we find love - this we know is true

Looking for an outlet for dislocated dreams
you find yourself believing that nothing’s what it seems
they take you to the cleaners, nothing left to say
just hope that you can jump the moat to fight another day

Sometimes we find love - this we know is true

Outside in the distance there’s a madman with a gun
you wouldn’t want to get too close he’ll shoot you just for fun
they say that no one valued him he thought that no one cared
don’t look at that boy funny though you will not be spared

Sometimes we find love - this we know is true

Stratified and calcified we retreat to find the soul
the promise of salvation with happiness our goal
purged of our illusions lifeplan a busted flush
we castigate we infiltrate before it turns to mush

Sometimes we find love - this we know is true

The bellicose the bumptious tell us where we all went wrong
we put ‘em up on pedestals where they think that they belong
established and entitled to rise above the fray
with sneering contempt for those who might see another way

Sometimes we find love - this we know is true


Paul Roberts

On this dark and velvet night
so calm so quiet
we drift in peace toward the light
no harm no fight
If I should look and find the key
then fall in love with you and you with me
we won’t need a reason why
on our night flight

Over long and endless days
we ride we gaze
into the sleet and driving rain
we turn in vain
if you had seen what I have seen
you’d know not much can ever be redeemed
we’ll learn to live this idle life
on our night flight

A widow weeps a child is born
we greet the dawn
while strewn across the desert plain
an army slain
when every reason is not clear
rise up with open eyes above the fear
lost in heartache union’s plight
on our night flight


Paul Roberts & Robin Langridge

You could say that I’ve got money
a little too much gold
I’d like to run the country
before I grow too old
daddy told me I could be
just who I want to be
and mama said just watch your step
with those women that you see

just remember though it’s true
some things are better left unsaid
in time we see who’s really free
bring out the dead

Worship gods and tyrants
no need to work this out
what works for them might work for you
eliminate all doubt
the preacher man he took my hand
to guide me to the light
I said man just what’s your plan
we’ve got to get this right

he just crossed himself and then
kneeling he said
your reward will be in heaven son
bring out the dead

Don’t talk to me of babies
that lie beneath the trees
covered up with rags and flies
and virulent disease
while standing there without a care
Kalashnikov in hand
her older brother just sixteen
surveys his first command

a rumble in the jungle
a landscape painted red
human nature satisfied
bring out the dead

The signs they just get better
when it comes to feral greed
cartels and corporations
just want to see us bleed
while governments have other ways
to still the hearts of men
send a drone or spike a drink
with Polonium 210

working for the bottom line
from a cyber boogie bed
the world is just a village now
bring out the dead


Paul Roberts & Les Davidson

When I first saw you dancing
when I first saw you smile
you were so enchanting
I just loved your style
I took you by the hand
to dance the night away
we surrendered to our feelings
nothing in our way

In the heat of the moment
by the light of the day
we look hard for the answers
fight flight or play

We lived our lives together
we shared a common cause
we rode out stormy weather
broke up on foreign shores
you were there as time the tyrant
ticked our lives away
you gave me everything
that led me here to stay
and I stayed - I stayed

In the heat of the moment
by the light of the day
we look hard for the answers
fight flight or play

when the odds are against us
when there's nothing to say
by the grace of our passion
we find a way


Paul Roberts

I see you’re walking around with someone else again
I hear you’re out on the town with all those easy men
you know that I need you in my bed at night
to hear you and feel you till the morning light
but it’s alright

You said that you had plans but really not for me
with all of my demands you just could not be free
you don’t know how I missed you
I even missed you back then
you weren’t with me when I kissed you
you were dreaming again
but it’s alright

Was there something I could see - it’s alright
that meant I couldn't let you go - it’s alright
couldn’t let you be - it’s alright
now we will never know T

There are people who live to search for something new
never happy for long with all the things they do
I was king for a minute
you were all I desired
we were hot for an instant
and then I was fired
but it’s alright



Paul Roberts & Robin Langridge

Now that I remember, how could I forget
I didn’t see the pitfalls I haven’t seen them yet
each moment as it passes leaves a broken trail
I just follow in its slimy wake and hope that I prevail

And as we sit and wonder
at the push against the shove
just move a little closer
let’s make time for love

I was the king of the cowboys, I rode the wild frontier
I played the cards as dealt me I tried to conquer fear
I chose the road that led me to where I am today
some you win and some you lose and some just get away

Running round in circles
orders from above
the odds are stacked against us
let’s make time for love

When the far away horizon comes looming up on me
and everything I saved for later might just never be
I just want you close beside me like a hand inside a glove
and know that you and I will always make some time for love

No forms to fill
no time to kill
no one to say 'enough’
just you and me in harmony
let’s make time for love


Paul Roberts

She's a woman of passion
and her moods chill and flush
she can hurt your heart open
all in a rush
she can be what you want her to be
but she'll always keep something in reserve
though she never quite gives you it all
you'll take what she'll give

She's a lady in waiting
she's a light in the night
she's a beacon for lost souls in love
to step into the light
she can feed your desire to be free
with a look or a touch
then she takes you so high tenderly
that you love her too much

So with one foot in heaven
and the other in hell
don't play with me darling
if I love you too well
so kiss me and love me tonight
from my head down to my feet
then whisper you love me as much
and make me complete

So let pillars of lightning
streak down from the sky
let the rain wash away all our troubled designs
till there's just you and I
she's a woman of passion you see
points north south east and west
ann all that I'm saying to me
is I love her the best



Paul Roberts & Robin Langridge

There I was sitting in the back seat
listening to the radio
you were there sitting right beside me
wondering where all this would go
we were just, just two kids together
examining the right to know
what started good just kept getting better
a powder keg about to blow

I remember you my love
I remember you

You were just a nascent Cinderella
in preparation for the ball
I was just a complicated fella
wondering how the dice would fall
we took our chances light
learned our lessons not so well
slept with angels through the night
daybreak brought just who could tell


We met through happenstance
the uninvited dance
life was just a game of chance
you were good to me
I’d been living from a suitcase
skipping, tripping, fleeing from the rat race
you took me back to your place
you put a smile on my face




Paul Roberts & Robin Langridge & Karel Fialka

All around the world we wander
all around the world we search
looking for the place where we can join the human race
and put that monkey on its perch

Don’t waste time working on following rainbows
think about working on following me
looking for the mother load
not worth doing you’ve been sold
just another – fantasy

Broken man feeling out of place
make a plan that could be the way to go
don’t know why nothing seems to work
try again give the dice another throw
I don’t know why I bother
I don’t know why I care
nothing could be worse
than this unending curse
of never knowing who I want to be

Don’t waste time working on following rainbows
think about working on following me
looking for the mother load
not worth doing you’ve been sold
just another – fantasy

Little bird pecking at my window
what d’you think that little bird sees
little bird just sees itself mistakenly as someone else
and tells that someone else to go away please