Alphaville - Karel Fialka. ft. Tilda Swinton & Paul Roberts

Old friend and sometimes collaborator Karel Fialka has just put out his new album 'Film Noir' a collection of moody existential musings on the dark side of life. I feature as a guest vocalist on two or three of the songs.

My favourite song is probably 'Alphaville and not just because I get to do a duet with esteemed actress Tilda Swinton. Alright I didn't meet her, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology you'd never know. Using Godard's dystopian metropolis as inspiration, Karel conjures up a vivid picture of a man alone with his regrets in the city. It's a great track. Tilda Swinton's spoken narration is electrifying. This and many more treats can be found on 'Film Noir' check it out via the link.