Random Elements.

Random Elements album cover 1000_mini.jpg

Random Elements is the eighth album from Sniff'n'the Tears. After an accident in 2012 and several months recovery, Paul Roberts got into a songwriting spree. This was partly due to keyboardist Robin Langridge sending inspirational sonic sketches to him. Thus started a collaborative process that led to some rather interesting song structures. In Paul's words, "some of the new songs reflect the times in terms of the dilemmas we face in the twenty first century, some are more personal but then the personal and the political can be connected." Themes that Sniff fans are all too familar with. "But" he explains with a shrug of acceptance, "humanity is what it is and this shit won't stop any time soon."

Hence Random Elements. "A conflagration of the events that throw everything into flux which in turn makes for unlikely and sometimes unwelcome outcomes." It should be added that these songs were written before either Brexit or Donald Trump. The album was recorded over four years with long time collaborator keyboard player Robin Langridge and Sniff'n'The Tears guitarist Les Davidson who both contribute to the songwriting. Joining them, old "Sniff" alumni, bass player Nick South and drummer Paul Robinson. Seven years since the last album, 'Downstream' a new chapter begins with Random Elements.

Random Elements is available from the distributor, ace records as well as amazon.