Real life -  is just a ball and chain
just when you think you're free
it drags you back again

High life -  the lady she said see
the weekend promises
desire and mystery

Life is a cold stone

Dream life -  I saw her standing there
I saw her lips part
I saw her eyes melt

Love life -  in hi fidelity
fear is the key
I need you near to me

Life is a cold stone

Sit down and write a letter
I want to work this out
everything is shifting - let's talk

Hollow life -  where was the fire of love
that burned so pure and true
did it not matter to you

Life is a cold stone



Rome Africa Mesopotamia Brazil

See those thunder clouds begin to form
strangers they keep knockin' at your door
the man you met last night is sleepin' on your floor
and everybody wants just a little bit more

Rome Africa Mesopotamia Brazil

The news that never ends is on TV
a whirlwind broke the town across it's knee
the leaders of the world fail to agree
and you've been acting strange again lately

Darwin's apes are blowing all the fuses here tonight
and you and I have thrown - you and I have thrown
away the key

Rome Africa Mesopotamia Brazil

Places you have been to in your mind
bounced across the heavenssatellite time
the golden goddess meets you in your dreams
she say's hold the roses hon, they won't hear the screams

Rome Africa Mesopotamia Brazil

Raid those sweet momentos beat that drum
the papers say the troubles just begun
blood and shit and horror till all the wars are won
to all these haunted visions we succumb




Well there's a fear that lies deep inside
deep inside my heart
deep inside my mind
and it waits like curling snake
ready to move
move in
for the kill
and I lie so still
so still
in my bed at night

Blackeyed roll I'm falling dead
your flesh my flesh heaven bled
under the arches under the moon
across a lawn wheel and swoon

And there's a fear
in my bed at night
I think of you
and your love
and I reach out
to your sleeping body
so soft and warm
to my touch
can you feel my touch
and my eyes close
and I drift away




I've been walking down a bad road
see the devil he invite me to a game
and I been sleeping in the doorway
of the rich man's house again
and the rich man he looks down from his window
and he says move along there go away
and me I just looks up with this smile round my kisser
says only love is going to tempt me to stay
        only love is going to tempt me to stay

I've been smiling like old Buddha
with the thought of all the gold that I disdained
but I should have known then he would get me in the end
and I would see the folly of my ways
so the rich man he takes me by the shoulder
and he says man move along there move away
and me I just looks down at this ring on my finger
says only love is going to tempt me to stay
        only love is going to tempt me to stay

See the rich man he had a daughter
and her beauty stole my heart clean away
but her daddy had in mind a suitor of a different kind
and if her love I would decline then he would pay
so the rich man puts his gold on the table
then he says now move along be on your way
so I picks up all my things
and I hands to him the ring
says only love is going to tempt me to stay
        only love is going to tempt me to stay



Got an itch to see blue skies again
one foot on the tracks one foot on the train
this road I ride will be no lovers lane
'cause I'm just trying to find myself my friend

This thirst that died inside of me
won't let me live in peace won't set this captive free
take a look behind what do I see
I just see the past and it's a followin' me

Nothing to lose but the fugitive blues
on a road that has no end
nothing to win in this city of sin
so I'll steal prime time again - prime time etc.

Will these vanished dreams bring alchemy
see the shaman drunk on what he cannot see
if love decides my destiny
this holy fool will never be free

I'm gonna harden my heart
I'm gonna head out
I'm gonna lose my roots
I'm gonna cover my trail
I'm gonna take my kicks
where I can find them
gonna follow my nose
into the night



We get to sow the seeds of wisdom
we get to sow the seeds of pain
we get to try our hand at things that we don't understand
and then - we get to try it all again

Won't you be my Parisian girl
won't you be my Parisian girl
surrender the night to that city of light
and be my Parisian girl

Don't you think back to those quiet days we hid away
don't you think back to that hubbub in the street
as we lay in that small room and loved away the hours
oooh but the memories are so sweet


That night we walked down by the riverside
the river where a million dreams have drowned
above us we could hear the angry boulevard
below the river's secret sound




Some people take heroin
some people take mud
some people get high on life
other people give up
some people get a line on hate
make you wonder what they're thinking of
some people realise too late
that all you really need is love

There's a place in my head that's already dead
and there's another that's just starting up
and there's the bit in the middle that's all soft and confused
just looking for a little love

Some people give
some people take

Some people talk of mean machines
some people talk of getting out
chasing dreams from the cradle to the grave
is all they ever think about
some people livetheir lives on trial
for crimes they didn't commit
other people just take what they want
and always get away with it

Some people take your money
some people steal your heart
some people let the fates decide
some people let no pleasures be denied

Some people say the end is nigh
it's written there for us to learn
the righteous will be taken from their Cadillacs
and the rest of us sinners will burn
some people see heaven on earth
in the moon and the stars above
some people stay up all night
they just never seem to get enough

Some people let it all drift by
some people say look at me
some people say I'm the one
some people hide their lives away



I've had dreams these have made me scared
you never knew just how much I cared
I've seen the sun sinking in the sea
I've seen the waves roll washing over me

I've seen the moonrise riding in the sky
I've seen the clouds fly flashing in your eyes
I've felt the thunder rolling through my world
I've been strung out just like a string of pearls

I need you now

Keep me warmer than a summer kiss
hold me closer could heaven be like this
take me higher higher than the rest
make me better better than the best

I need you now



I've been down but never like this
something in my world must change
something in my world must change
I want you

My crime if it can ever be judged
would be not to declare my love
would be not to declare my love
I want you

I want you
with a raging blinding guts unwinding lust
I want you
with a fear that I can taste
I want you
for the hours that pass for ever as they must
I want you
to share in my disgrace
I want you

You could take me up to the top of the hill
but things would never be this way again
never look this good again
I want you




We lived in different mansions
we rode in painted cars
we sanctified our daydreams
with electric guitars

We thought the walls would fall - well I know
we thought we'd changed it all - yes I know
we flew into the sun just for fun - no damage done

We broke our vows of silence
we let it all come out
let the fervour feed the fever
we cast aside all doubt


We gave the lie to stories
taught us with our heads bowed down
we fought for love and glory
then caught the slow train out of town




Home - give me all the colours I crave
wild eyed and restless chilled to the bone
take me home - show me how my senses betrayed
need the cool hand of love to call my own

Home - somewhere in the mythology
where love comes easy where comfort dwells
take me home - clinging to my flickering pride
to surrender young dreams such sad farewells
Silent lights are moving through these vagabond dreams
old lovers eyes reproach then without trace
vanish with the memory of other heartbreaks
you can read in the lines of my face - take me

Home - how I long to feel the sun on my skin
and the rain and the smells that fill the air
and your love and all the places we knew
and the things that we did I'll see you there
Silent lights are moving through these vagabond dreams
old lovers eyes reproach the without trace
vanish with the memory of other heartbreaks
you can read in the lines of my face - take me


Wrangler of reason
on your bucking bronco flight
she speaks to me of treason
and the night

Purveyors of perfection
auctioneers of the soul
there is no resurrection
and no goal

Distillers of corruption
politicians of no cause
she sees no rhyme nor reason
in your laws