There's evil out around the town
people waiting to cut you down
and all the rats are underground
So bother not the pain is up
the faithful bought a stillborn pup
and all the rest are giving up hoping

Take a letter - address unknown
take a letter - all your birds have flown
take a letter - the truth is out
take a letter - the game's up

So take the test and stand in line
there's different things to try this time
for those who don't believe in dying
So I'll tell you now if you don't know
things are rising pretty low
but you don't believe this pack of woe surely




Bad luck's been dogging me
but tonight I'm gonna see it through
gonna hop right into that car of mine
and come driving round to you
we'll meet up in the same old place
we met a hundred times before
and we'll eat in the same restaurant
and talk the same old talk

And if you want to know what happened to me
and if you want to know what I did
I telephoned in a moment of weakness
I telephoned in a moment of weakness

I've been feeling lonely lately
but then the wheels were running slow
afraid to talk to strangers
and even the people that I know
I look around and all I see
is private people private lives
that was why I thought that we
should maybe try it one more time


I was going to look around for some thing exciting
see what I could pick up on the run
take a chance on mother luck and spread my horizon
see what else could be done
I was going to be as free as the breeze
and the moon and the stars and the sun

Well I want to tell you that it’s true for me
that love is and love was
and if I seemed indifferent
well then that was just because
so don’t give me no hard times
don’t let your pride rul your head
I just picked up the telephone
and now you tell me that it”s dead



Daddy was a bank director
and man of some repute
had homes in Paris and Jamaica
and Switzerland to boot
he loved his little daughter dearly
though she was a wayward child
she was blessed with wealth and beauty
where then had he failed
where then had he failed

She said she was a fashion model
but acting was her aim
she already had a fortune
so she was after fame
so she was after fame
she'd hang around with all these awful
characters she knew
who'd eat her food and drink her wine
and stay for breakfast too
and stay for breakfast too

One day she drove her brand new Jaguar
straight into a wall
she said she'd taken half a mandrax
and a glass or two before
and a glass or two before
she then became a social worker
and got religion too
and daddy wondered which was better
but what can daddy do
what can daddy do



The heat inside the body shaking
the mind goes
true believers don't ever stop
they just let it grow
then through the smoke built like the plans
for dreams come true
comes a little eyeful of love
to cut straight through to you
ooh and you know that you'll be satisfied
with a little nightlife - nightlife

So you leave the club at three A.M. to find a bar
and breathe the air
and something moves in the dark - a drunk
just lying there
so you take a taxi to the part of town
where lights still shine
and girls on street corners
try to take you to some hotel room
to have good time
ooh and you know that you'll be satisfied
with a little nightlife - nightlife

So you're looking for love in a strange town
and all the clubs and bars just let you down
so yo haggle the price with some lady of the night
and when you're finally satisfied that there's nowhere left to go
you go back to your to your hotel room
and lie there in the dawn alone to sleep



Hard winter but there's more yet
you pays your money and you get hit
no more wages they froze too
sitting here thinking out loud - bout you
but if I knew then what I know now
if I knew then what I know now
I'd run - somehow

She took my money and then she blanked my mind
dedicated men like me are - hard to find
but I didn't care about that cause I was looking for love
it didn't matter to me cause that was who she was
but if I knew then what I know now
if I knew then what I know now
I'd run - somehow

One more station one more train
another hundred miles to go before I see that girl again
like a fever in me
she's got moves you wouldn't believe and they're tearing up in me
but if I knew then what I know now
if I knew then what I know now
I'd stay - somehow



Got this monkey sitting right on your shoulder
do I respect your ideals
took out the reason from all that I told ya
and said how does it feel?
to have - one love two together
one love - what could be better than that
one love - no desperate measure
one love

News from the battle front stares out from my paper
people die for ideals
but I've got another way don't tell them I told ya
I eat between meals
so give me one love - two together
one love - etc.

No harm believing what you want to believe in
no harm at all in all that
but I'd be deceiving myself to believe in
what you do so what do I get
I get - one love - two together
one love - etc.


5 & ZERO

The wheel was spinning away my earnings and
the bets had stopped
across the table she smiled to herself
with her eyes dropped - a little
she put her winnings on to five and zero
then she looked my way
this was the moment that I had to angle to
make my play

My heart was thumping as I bought my chips
and then I placed them next to hers
the room was hazy and the tension building
as I looked across at her
as the ball dropped into the slot at zero
she smiled a secret smile
my hand was trembling as I reached for my winnings
then gave her back a pile
and if it's alright
I think I'll run and hide
run and hide

As I followed her into the soft moonlight
I said you brought me luck
she said It's no fun when you're losing or
giving up
So I held her to me and I breathed the fragrance of her
breathtaking perfume
and the croupier said les jeux sont faits
as I saw she'd left the room
and if it's alright
I think I'll run and hide
run and hide

Zero - 5 and Zero



Do you remember Friday night
about a year ago
I remember talking to you
with the music way down low
as you moved in closer to me
my heart was beating loud
something happened there and then
I thought could this be love

Now you send me poison pen mail
and I can't believe it's true
no more poison pen mail
no more me and you

You took me to the badlands
where all adventure leads
for the soul that needs salvation
or the heart that bleeds
do you remember Elvis
and how he made you cry
with all these memories to spare
I sigh


So take comfort in the good times
other places other games
the people that we knew and loved
I still can't recall their names
so tell me of the old days
that you remember when
we kissed and laughed the the days away
but we were like that then




As Donna Summer serenades
the creatures of the night
Scott gets his hair just perfect
and turns into the light
then in his red Mercedes
with all his moves down tight
he goes out hunting leopard
in the California night

On Rodeo Drive

Little orphan Cindy
changed her name to Scarlett Hood
then flew from Fort Worth Texas
to a place called Hollywood
she doesn't talk to strangers
but she can feel their eyes
that's where she comes alive
down on Rodeo Drive

And ooh between those dead and empty echoes
lovers eat each other with their eyes
then cry out now in pain
cause the moment never came
so they close their eyes again
to no surprise

Somewhere in the city
you can hear the sirens sound
as the big man gets his driver
to bring the car around
he started out with nothing
just the scuffle nine to five
now he works the dream machine
down on Rodeo Drive